Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our Current Obsession. Again.

Do your kids go on favorite toy fasts and binges?  I was thinking about culling our Thomas and Friends train collection a couple months ago because our box was so full and they didn't get played with very much.  Then suddenly, they are the favorite toys once again!  Bryce used to carry those trains around with him everywhere.  He would roll them along a table ledge with this eyes right at wheel height, just watching the wheels turn over and over.  He also loved crashing them into each other.  He's grown up some in the way he plays with them, but we don't have elaborate track systems and imaginary play with the trains interacting with each other in our house.  Bryce LOVES to watch You Tube videos that other kids have made of their collections.  He also likes to watch the ones that have trains crashing into each other or falling off their tracks.  Over and over and over and over.  

So the other day, we made our own collection videos.  One has Henry narrating with some help from Bryce, and the other one is Bryce showing off his trains.  I promised I would put them on You Tube so they could watch themselves over and over. :)


  1. Our sons are so much alike. Daniel does the same thing with garbage trucks and cans. He lines them up, gets down at eye level, does his trash route around the kitchen table where he's meticulously placed his cans for pickup. And what's more is he also watches other people's videos on YouTube. This blog entry made me smile.

  2. Now that I've watched it in YouTube, Nicole, it will be in my history and he'll see it tomorrow. Ugh, he's going to love it that someone else sees the world in such an ordered way! Ha ha! I forget to say that it's funny you wrote about cleaning out the toys, because I was doing this very thing this morning with all of his cars, construction minis, and I'm getting ready to dismantle the train table. So funny that you posted this today of all days.

  3. I was hoping you would see this! I knew your son would like it :)